Summer Salmon Flies For The Findhorn And Northern Rivers - Collection

Summer Salmon Flies For The Findhorn And Northern Rivers - Collection

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The world-class Caledonia Fly Company has tied this collection of salmon flies for the River Findhorn and Northern Rivers. The selection is designed in conjunction with some of the top Salmon Anglers and Ghillies in Scotland. Summer salmon flies for the river Findhorn are based around smaller flies and doubles. Cascades, Stoat Tails and their variations are very successful. As the water warms, daylight hours increase and flow rates drop, your Salmon flies will decrease in size. Salmon can become much more fussy in taking patterns in the Summer months and resident fish in the pools will have seen plenty of flies. Toning things down to these smaller, more sparsely dressed patterns and fishing them on lighter leaders can make all the difference. The joy of salmon fishing in Summer conditions (where conditions allow) is to be able to fish more traditional Spey line with floating tips in the streamy pools and present these beautiful small salmon doubles to the fish.

This selection contains:

3 x Munro Killer Salmon Double
3 x Alistair Cascade Crimp Conehead - 8mm
3 x Blackwater Stoat Conehead - 10mm
3 x Oykel Gunn Salmon Double
3 x Silver Stoats Tail Salmon Double

All individually labelled, so you know which files you are fishing with!

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