Flies For The River Don (Sheffield & South Yorkshire)

Once devoid of life due to the pollution from heavy industry, the river Don is now a thriving fishery. It;s source, in the Pennine hills flows down through Sheffield and empties in to the river Ouse at Goole. It contains a mix of fish and a wide variety of habitats. For the fly angler it's noted for it's thriving population of Grayling.

There are some great all round flies for the river Don. Fly fishing on the river Don enables the angler to catch using most methods. Nymph fishing and using a Czech nymph is especially effective for the Grayling.

When choosing your flies for the river Don a selection of dries, wets and nymphs is best. In the slower deeper pools the fish are free rising whilst the faster runs are more suit to nymphing. Fly fishing a traditional upstream spider can be effective in the shallower riffles and pocket water. Here are our selection of flies for the river Don

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