Flies For The Derbyshire Derwent

At 66 miles in length, the Derbyshire Derwent is the longest river in the Peak District. In it's upper reaches, the acidity of the water means it contains just wild brown trout. In the middles reaches, a more balanced water allows Grayling to thrive as well as coarse fish in the lower reaches. The Derbyshire Derwent is an exceptional fly fishing river, wading is required in most of the river as it's high banks mean bank fly fishing can be difficult.

In terms of flies for the Derbyshire Derwent, the fish are probably not as free rising as the Derbyshire Wye so getting a nymph to the bottom can be very effective when fish are not showing. The best flies for the Derbyshire Derwent, will depend on the time of year however we have included some great patterns below that should work most of the year round. Don't be afraid of prospecting the faster deeper sections with Czech Nymphs as this can often produce excellent results.

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