Spring Salmon Flies For The Tay & Tummel  - Collection
Spring Salmon Flies For The Tay & Tummel  - Collection

Spring Salmon Flies For The Tay & Tummel - Collection

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The world-class Caledonia Fly Company has tied this collection of salmon flies for the River Tay. The selection is designed in conjunction with some of the top Salmon Anglers and Ghillies in Scotland. Spring salmon flies for the River Tay are based around heavier tube patterns such as Monkeys and Cascades. These heavier salmon flies are used in conjunction with heavy sink tips to dig down in the water column. With temperatures low and flow rates up, it's imperative to use these salmon flies to get down to where the salmon are lying in the pool.

Salmon in early Spring are far less likely to move up in the water to take your fly. The good news is that Springer's aren't too fussy, and will attack the large bright patterns in this selection provided you can present them at the right depth. If you are travelling to the Tay for spring Salmon and the water is usually low, and the weather warm for the time of year, make sure you also pack some Summer Salmon flies for the Tay too, so you have all your bases covered.

This selection contains:

3 x Tummel Monkey Loop Tube PC4307 - 15mm
3 x Sunburst Cascade Copper Tube PC4061 - 1 inch
3 x Floyds Monkey Conehead PC4234 - 25mm
3 x Gold Willie Gunn Copper TubePC4056 - 1 inch
3 x Blue Angel Copper Tube PC4062 - 3/4 inch OR Gordon's Fancy copper tube - 1 inch
All individually labelled, so you know which files you are fishing with!

Please note - Flies may change slightly due to availability at this time.

Salmon flies are currently transitioning to synthetic JC .
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