Snowbee Xs-Plus Thistledown2 Floating #5/7

Snowbee Xs-Plus Thistledown2 Floating #5/7

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'Awesome', 'Sensational', 'Outstanding' are just a few of the descriptions that have been fed back to us by early users and top anglers worldwide who have been involved in testing this new version for us. Now with zero memory issues, a finer but stronger core and more supple than ever before, this line is set to exceed the performance of even the best selling original Thistledown. Due to improved core technology, it has a thicker outer coating, allowing it to float higher despite having the same diameter. It will last longer, but still has the same profile and performance befitting its name. It casts and delivers with the proverbial "Thistledown" delicacy and precision one would expect from such an elite and aptly named new fly line. Rated from #2-5wt for the single line, the new Thistledown Plus will perform outstandingly on any fly rod rated between AFTM #2 and #5, regardless of its length. It takes some believing, but once you've tried this line for yourself you will see exactly what we mean. 

This line is designed for rods rated #5 - #7