Autumn Salmon Flies For The Tweed - Collection
Autumn Salmon Flies For The Tweed - Collection

Autumn Salmon Flies For The Tweed - Collection

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The world-class Caledonia Fly Company has tied this collection of Salmon flies for the River Tweed. The selection is designed in conjunction with some of the top Salmon Anglers and Ghillies in Scotland.

As Summer turns to Autumn fish numbers will be increasing as more fish move up towards their spawning grounds. Increased flows mean Salmon trapped in Summer pools can now continue their journey. Salmon flies for the river Tweed again need to change as red becomes the more predominant colour, nobody knows why Autumn Salmon respond so well to red, but it works so well in the Peaty water that it's become a must-have colour for your Autumn Salmon fly box. As the Salmon in the pools feel the first cold frosts of the year, they often become agitated and aggressive and respond well to the fly angler who has been ignored in the summer. Autumn Salmon can be located in both the deeper pools and the shallower sections of rivers so you will find yourself chopping and changing both fly and line more in Autumn as you search the different fish holding spots with your fly. Flies may be substituted due to supply during this time.

This selection contains:

3 x Red Francis Copper Tube - 1/2 inch
3 x Comet Copper Tube - 1 inch
3 x Dee Devil PIG Copper Tube - 1 inch
3 x Embers Shrimp Conehead - 6mm
3 x Junction Shrimp Copper Tube - 1 inch OR Junction Shrimp Feeler Conehead - 12mm

All individually labelled, so you know which files you are fishing with!

Please note - Flies may change due to availability at this time.

Salmon flies are currently transitioning to synthetic JC .
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