Matching the Hatch New Pocket Edition

Matching the Hatch New Pocket Edition

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Remarkable macro-photography of the aquatic creatures on which trout feed, an author with 65 years of flyfishing experience, a selection of the world's best fly patterns — these are the ingrediants of this invaluable source of practical information. The artificial flies described and illustrated here have been tied and recommended by Jon Beer, Brian Clarke, Charles Jardine, Peter Gathercole, Mike Weaver and other top-class flyfishers.

Matching the hatch by using an artificial fly sufficiently similar to the creatures on which the trout are feeding can greatly increase your chances of success. This completely revised and updated pocket edition with enlarged photographs will help one choose suitable flies and suggest how one can fish them in a way that will catch fish – to rely less on luck and more on judgement.

  • A new pocket edition of the original classic reference – completely revised and updated
  • Remarkable macro-photography of the aquatic creatures on which trout feed – many of which have been enlarged
  • Selection of the world's best fly patterns
  • In this pocket edition, the author has adopted nomenclature used by the Natural History Museum and by the Riverfly Partnership

 ‘The superb photographs and explanatory text make this book one of the best of its kind – essential for any beginner and of great interest to every flyfisher.’  Trout and Salmon on first edition


Over the past forty years, angling and wildlife author and broadcaster Pat O’Reilly, a professional flyfishing instructor, has provided tuition for more than 8000 peoples. An active conservationist and advisor to the UK and Welsh Governments on environmental issues, in 2003 the author was awarded an MBE for services to conservation and fisheries.

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