Fish On, Fish Off

Fish On, Fish Off

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Fish On, Fish Off is the angling version of Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods. Through a series of nearly 50 personal essays, the author explores what happens when the self-taught, DIY angler sets out to fish the world – stumbling into every possible pitfall and danger along the way – getting chased from a river by an elephant, surviving a terrifying helicopter ride over the Straits of Magellan, and breaking his only rod on the second cast in Cuba’s Bay of Pigs. 

'These travels with a fishing rod reveal a whole new dimension to the world. And even when the underwater residents are not cooperating, there is always a tale to be reeled in.’ Jeremy Wade, Host of "River Monsters"

‘Fish On, Fish Off is an hilarious, engaging collection of everything the rest of us won’t admit – like fish that get away, not just usually but always; the unsung art of rod breaking; and catching fish only Sautner has heard of. How refreshing to read the memoirs of a weird fisherman – ie, an honest one.’ Ted Williams, Conservation Editor, Fly Rod & Reel

'Short, witty, perceptive, and memorable glimpses into Sautner's rich fishing life. Full of adventure and hilarious misadventures – a treat all fly fishers will love.' Nick Lyons, author of Fishing Stories, Spring Creek, and Bright Rivers



Stephen Sautner has been trying to catch fish, any fish, since the age of 12. This has taken him to the Falkland Islands where he cast for sea trout next to an active mine field, and to the Zambezi River. He has contributed to the ‘Outdoor’ column of The New York Times for 15 years and in 2007, he edited Upriver and Downstream, an anthology of fishing stories from the ‘Outdoors’ column. His stories have also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Fly Rod & Reel, Wildlife Conservation, and Underwater Naturalist